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Delivering the Best News to you!

There have been a lot of ‘best evers’ reviewed in this column in the past few weeks. And there’s going to be another one this week. An embarrassment of riches. I don’t plan it that way, it just seems to happen like that sometimes.

Bare Bones, a Glasgow-based bean-to-bar company that I have featured before on these pages, has this limited-edition 70% Philippines bar (£6.50, 70g) which is the best dark chocolate I’ve ever sampled. It’s so… tasty.

The tasting notes say pecan tart and crême brulée and I don’t really get that, although you might. I’m not great at describing food in a fancy manner. But if the most perfect day, the sort of day you don’t plan but where everyone you see says good morning to you and is nice, and everything you went out for you find, and the sun shines, but not so much it makes you sweat like a teenage boy on a first date, and the flowers are out and you catch sight of your reflection in a window and you look better than you thought and you smile all day and life feels full of promise and dazzle. If that sort of day were a chocolate bar, then it would be this.

Like so many of BB’s chocolate – such as the amazing Dominican 68% salted bar – it’s transporting. I know, crazy isn’t it? But try it yourself and you will soon see what I mean.

Can I also squeeze in a mention of another toasted white bar? Cocoa Retreat’s version (£6.25, 45g). Utterly beautiful. I ate the whole thing in one go. Shocking.