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A TikToker who shed more than 18 stone has shared some of Aldi ’s best ‘junk foods’ to enjoy while at the same time losing weight.

Neil Scurrah, 41, decided to make a change after reaching his heaviest weight of 36st 10lb stone in 2013

Neil, from Blackpool, struggled with his weight for most of his life before he lost his father, causing him to pile on the pounds during a ‘six-month bender’.

The ex-accountant has now lost 18 stone and gives others looking to achieve the same results advice through his social media channel – the Real Loss Boss.

Talking in one of his videos posted to his TikTok page the.real.loss.boss, he advised shoppers at Aldi which “junk food” items they can enjoy while keeping to their calorie-controlled diet, Manchester Evening News reported.

He said: “The Real Loss Boss is at Aldi! You know those foods that you think you can’t eat while losing weight, well think again.”

“Weight loss isn’t about eating as few calories as possible, it’s about eating as many calories as possible whilst staying in a healthy sustainable calorie deficit that’s going to give decent results on the scales to keep you motivated.”

The weight loss coach then lists a number of Aldi’s products such as pizza, curry, and crisps which are not as calorie-filled as you might imagine.

First he showed Aldi’s ‘Carlos’ Stonebaked BBQ Chicken Pizza, which comes in at only 600 calories for the whole pizza.

He then picks up a four-pack of Aldi’s Skinny Beef Quarter Pounder Burgers, which are 5% fat. Neil pairs them with a pack of seeded burger buns and ‘Emporium’ light cheese slices, taking the total intake for one burger to just 320 calories.

Neil also shares a convenient option for those that don’t like to cook, Aldi’s SlimWell Chicken Saag, with a pack of microwavable Classic Basmati Rice. The meal uses 490 calories, far from the average of a takeaway curry with naan which stands at 1,338 calories.

Moving to the freezer aisle Neil shares his favourite sweet treat for a warm day, ‘Gianni’s’ Cookie Dough Ice Cream. The whole tub comes in at 375 calories, although Neil recommends sticking to half – just under 190 calories.

Neil then tackles the snack aisle, many dieters’ nemesis. He recommends buying a multipack of Aldi’s crisps – Snackrite Family Pack, including Onion Rings, Cheese Puffs, and Bacon Rashers – which are 90 calories each.

Neil also shared his top tips for the biscuit aisle, including a 99-calorie pack of Aldi’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Minis.

He added: “In my opinion successful weight loss and a successful weight loss journey are two totally different things.

“Successful weight loss is dropping a certain amount of weight over a period of time.

“A successful weight loss journey is about dropping a certain amount of weight over a period of time and then maintaining that loss.

“To get to my happy goal weight it took me 3 years and 9 months and I have now maintained that loss for 4 years and 8 months.

“From the very beginning of my journey I consistently worked on building healthy habits into my lifestyle that over time simply became subconscious habits and part of my everyday routine.”