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A couple have given up their jobs to focus on their OnlyFans careers, using the thousands of pounds they make to buy the man’s seriously ill father his own home.

Tee and Miks early around £15,000 on the steamy content sharing platform every month, BristolLive reports.

Miks, who was born in Poland but has lived in Bristol for the past 18 years, used to be a courier driver while his girlfriend quit her role as a shop assistant to work full-time on the app.

They have had great success and have able to support their own family and are working towards buying Miks’ parents’ home and pay for renovations that improve their quality of life.

His father Jay Jay has a number of serious health conditions and use some of the cash they earn to make sure he is well looked after.

The racy website, used mainly by pornographic creators, can be a big earner and between them they pocket almost £200,000 a year.

Miks was shocked at first when his wife first set up an Only Fans account in 2019.

But he quickly got on board and they combined forces, first filming her before helping upload as he stayed behind the camera.

It wasn’t until January this year when he committed more time to the work and the couple now produces sexually explicit content together on a number of sites and have a joint TikTok account.

He said: “She was posting videos and photos of herself. First of all, it was just lingerie and different outfits and she had spoken openly that she has a husband.

“To keep our subscribers it was non-stop working pretty much. We both gave up our day jobs and it was non-stop after we took our son to school.

“We would be on the cams until two o’clock just before our son comes home as obviously we couldn’t do anything with him there. We had a lot more time to spend with our son now as well as we now work from home.”

Miks continued: “We pretty much do full-on porn videos. We don’t edit anything and whatever happens, happens and we just post that video.

“There is no editing really we just post real videos. A lot of people now like that because it’s not fake. We’re just trying to do all-natural.”

They have almost 1,000 subscribers on Only Fans alone charging around £10 per person each month.

“We can make between £5,000 to £15,000 a month,” Miks explained. “It all depends on tips and we still use different sites so it all combines. Most months it’s around £10,000. A lot of people enjoy watching us.”

They are now able to support their family and Miks’ parents – in particular his father, who has a number of serious health conditions including Angina, Ischaemic heart disease, diabetes, Hepatitis C, and asthma, and has had four heart attacks and three strokes.

Tee and Miks were able to move to a house two doors down from his parent’s house in Bristol, which allowed them to help out more. He explained that his mum is also disabled and so they want to help fund adjustments to their house to improve his parents’ comfort.

His parents are supportive of Tee and Miks’ career path. “They don’t discourage us – as long as we are both happy.”

“My father brought me up and gave me everything so I want to repay the favour back.

“Thanks to him I’m here and thanks to him I can work. He’s not capable of work and the doctors won’t let him, he would love to work.”

Jay Jay’s cancer has recently returned and he has started chemotherapy again. A lot of people have asked if they can donate to a Go Fund Me page but Miks and his wife have insisted they can fund the house purchase and renovations solely themselves.

She said: “We call him an alien because he’s literally not from this planet. He’s battling all of this and he’s still going. Not every day he is so strong, he’s got days where he needs to stay at the house on the sofa because he’s on oxygen.

“There are days where he does have to use a wheelchair but he is still trying his best. We’re not begging for money, we don’t want charity, we just wanted to say due to the work we do we are able to buy the house for my parents otherwise there would be no chance. It would take us years and years of working doing a normal job.”